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Zafu Meditation Cushion

SKU: ZN1032


Condition: Used / Like New.

Zafu Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set. Our comfortable and supportive Zafu Pillow provides better spine alignment and proper height for a more comfortable and deeper meditation. Make sitting meditation easier on your knees and ankles. Our buckwheat hull filling gently conforms to your body's shape and is wrapped in a strong, pure cotton twill shell (our natural colored Zafu is untreated and unbleached). Our mediation Zafu cushions are a supremely comfortable resting place from which to embark on the meditative travels of the mind/body. The buckwheat hulls filling is made of small buckwheat shells that mold and conform to your body extremely well.


Size: Round. Approx. 15" diameter x 5-6" thick

Weight: Approx. 6 pounds.

Color: Beige Hemp Fabric