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Susan Posnick Introductory Opening Order

$2,295.18 $3,209.95


The perfect opening order to get you started with all the essentials and low inventory. Whether you are a small spa or a resort gift shop, this assortment with display will allow you to feature the entire line. It includes the following:

Display Unit with Testers:
14 Colorflo Brushes Tester , 7 Colorme Testers, 7 Coloreyedefine Testers, 1 Colorcoated Tester, 1 Colorduo Tester, 4 Colorcorrect Testers, 5 Loose Colorflo Testers, 15 Coloressential Testers, 1 Sharpener Tester , 1 Kabuki Brush Tester, and 1 Multi-Use Brush Tester.

For retail:
27 Colorflo Foundations, 14 Colorme Blushes, 14 Coloreyedefine Liner/Shadows, 12 Colorcoated Mascaras, 8 Colorduo Lip Pencils, 15 Colorcorrect Pencils, 10 Loose Colorflo Foundations, 30 Coloressential Lipsticks, 6 Sharpeners, 8 Kabuki Brushes, 3 Multi-Use Brushes, and 3 Tweezers.