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SpaRitual Nail Lacquer, Renewal

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Strengthen, hydrate, and revitalize nails with SpaRitual® Nourishing Vegan Color. Advanced oxygen technology produces a permeable layer for hydration balance in the nails, while red tea and seaweed extracts help nails look brighter and healthier. Formulated with adhesion promoters and shine additives, this all-in-one formula contains the benefits of a treatment, base coat, color, and top coat.

Purpose and Benefits

1 - Prep nails for color. 2 - Apply 2 coats of Nourishing Vegan Color to clean, bare nails; no basecoat, topcoat, or specialty treatment is needed. 3 - For extra shine and protection, apply 1 coat of SpaRitual Nourishing Vegan Gloss.

Product Class PAR5293