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SpaEquip Single Wax Warmer

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A stylish design for smaller spaces, this single wax warmer includes a removable inner  wax pot and adjustable thermostat to set to your specific waxing needs.

SpaEquip wax warmers hold most brands of wax cans and fit every wax brand that Universal Companies sells. The convenient, removable pots hold can and bead wax and make switching out wax a snap. Precisely heat and maintain the desired temperature with adjustable thermostats designed to heat to a maximum temperature of 176°F.

SpaEquip wax warmer wells are generously sized to accommodate any brand of wax. Even if the well is much larger than the wax can, the wax warmer will still properly and uniformly heat the wax. We suggest placing the wax can down into the SpaEquip Replacement Cup (Item# SE0004) since it has a handle, and it makes it easy to remove the wax cans, even when they are hot. Make sure that you always test the temperature of the wax on your own forearm before ever touching your client with it.



Outer: 7.9" L x 7.9" W x 5.5" D
Inner: 3" L x 4.5" D