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Pure Lano Natural Lip Treatment Display with Testers

$127.40 $196.00


Easily retail all the Pure Lano® products needed to cleanse, hydrate, and protect lips with the Natural Lip Treatment Display. This retail display features 1 free tester of each lip care product, tester sticks, and 4 back stock of each product (a total of 5 each, including the testers). Display holds: – 1 Natural Lip Treatment (0.16 fl. oz.) – 1 Natural Lip Balm (0.15 fl. oz.) – 1 Natural Lip and Cuticle Treatment (0.35 fl. oz.) – 1 Sugar Lip Exfoliator (0.51 fl. oz.) – 1 Complete Cleanser (3.38 fl. oz.) – Tester sticks

Purpose and Benefits

Display holds 1 Natural Lip Treatment, 1 Natural Lip Balm, 1 Natural Lip & Cuticle Treatment, 1 Sugar Lip Exfoliator, 1 Complete Cleanser & tester sticks.
The Natural Lip Treatment Display includes all the Pure Lano skin care products needed to cleanse, hydrate and protect the lips.