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Persian Samovar Glass Tea Maker, White

SKU: ZN1133

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Tradition meets modern style and simplicity with the RAYA Glass Teapot. The large glass body serves as an electric kettle that you can boil water in, featuring an infuser that helps you brew the perfect tea. Also known as a Persian Samovar, this electric tea maker is ideal for serving individual clients or catering to larger groups of guests. It’s a stunning centerpiece, and can be used as a self-serve tea station. To use, just plug in, add water, and select the desired temperature after boiling. Unit will stay on for 6 hours before automatic shutdown. Features a stainless steel strainer and heat protection grip. White. 


Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 17"
Large glass body: 4.5 liter / 155 oz.
Teapot: 1 liter / 34 oz.