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MTI Baths Jentle Ped Pedicure Spa / Fill-Flush System

SKU: ZN1070

$1,240.00 $2,895.00

Condition: Used / Like New. 

The Deluxe Drop-In Pedicure Basin has four multi-directional high flow white jets that mix air and water (some of the competition only use water, which equates to less pressure) and 1 horse power whisper-quiet pump. Benefits: It has a factory installed single lever mixing valve with atmospheric vent/backflow chrome prevention valve. It has a recess for the legs on the client side of the foot spa and is sloped for extra comfort. It has a raised foot bar for stretching the plantar of the foot. It has a fill-flush cleaning system, color upgrades, cable-driven drain, handheld sprayer, polished chrome trim. The new model (120) has more flexibility for the location of the Breda Valve (backflow prevention valve for the Fill-Flush cleaning system) and mixing valve. The reason for this flexibility is that the pump on this model sticks out underneath where the seat will be, so there is more room for plumbing under the foot spa. On the C990+T model (the original model), all fixtures must be located as shown in the photo (attached). The new model's pump location (under the seat of the client) provides a natural cavity where ventilation and pump access are both easily provided- access panels must still be provided for service to the pump.

Includes Cleaning System & Valve Package:

4 Jets & 1.0 bhp Pump

Fill Flush System Factory Installed Chrome

Factory Installed chrome single lever

Breda Valve Factory Installed

Hand-held Spray - Chrome

Drain Kit Jentle Ped Cable-Chrome