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MineTan Bronze On Applicator Mitt

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Help your clients achieve a flawless, streak-free finish with the MineTan® Bronze On Applicator Sponge Mitt. Ideal for use with self-tan foams, lotions, and professional spray-tan solutions, this deluxe, spongey mitt also works as a barrier to protect your hands from any unwanted staining. The double-sided sponge fabric can be used on either side. 6" W x 1" L x 10" H


100% Polyester

Purpose and Benefits

Slide hand into the Bronze Applicator Sponge Mitt. Squirt a small amount of self-tan foam or spray solution onto mitt. Apply to body in circular motions and smooth out color for desired look. Repeat for a darker result. Designed for use on either hand. Rinse mitt and allow to air dry completely before re-use.
Reusable, doublesided, re-sealable travel bad.