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Living Earth Crafts Caress Adapter Face Cradle, Mystic Blue

SKU: ZN1045

$89.04 $159.00

Condition: Used Like New.

If you own an older model Living Earth Crafts table, manufactured prior to 2001, you will most likely require the Caress Adapter Face Cradle which features a wider dowel spacing. To ensure proper fit, you will need to measure the distance between the headrest outlet holes on your table. Measure the distance from center-of-hole to center-of-hole…and determine if the spacing in 10 inches. If the spacing is 10 inches, you will need the Caress Adapter Face Cradle. The revolutionary Caress™ self-adjusting face cradle conforms to the unique face shape and contours of each of your clients. Sinus pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. Soft-Petals™ flex and balance to suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort. When combined with our Form-fit™ memory cushion, the Caress molds itself perfectly to each and every face shape and size. The days of "cradle face" are over!