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hydraAROMATHERAPY Ruby Grapefruit Shower Burst

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Transform an ordinary shower into a bright, uplifting aromatherapy experience with the multiuse hydraAROMATHERAPY Ruby Grapefruit Shower Burst. Just place in the shower and let indirect spray activate the aroma. Wrapped in colorful pink foil, this eye-catching retail must-have is an easy sell for customers looking for a unique way to enjoy aromatherapy daily. Made with pure grapefruit essential oil.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sucrose, Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Purpose and Benefits

Activate Shower Bursts with a few drops of water for an aromatic experience at home. Unwrap the foil, then lightly wet the Shower Burst. Place it to the side, either in a soap dish or on the side of the tub, or place in a sachet and hang away from the water. When damp, the shower humidity will activate the scent. The Shower Burst will dry between showers; just wet again to reactivate for the next shower.
Made with all-natural Ingredients and pure essential oils, Shower Bursts provide aromatherapy in your shower.

Product Class PAR5238