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Flowery Disposable Foot File Starter Kit

SKU: C1607T

$6.50 $9.95


The Disposable Foot File  features a Swedish clover handle with waterproof, peel-away abrasive pads. Show clients you care about cleanliness. After each client, peel away the old pad, disinfect the foot file handle, and apply a new abrasive pad to protect the next client from cross-contamination. This reassures clients of healthy services – a marketing advantage.

The Disposable Foot File System is sanitary, easy to use, and saves money. It meets state board guidelines in every state.

The Disposable Foot File Starter Kit from Flowery® includes 1 Swedish designed Foot File Handle, which is virtually unbreakable, plus 5 each of 60 grit self-adhesive, peel-away abrasive pads and 100 grit self-adhesive, peel-away waterproof abrasive pads. Pads are disposable.