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Farmaesthetics Sweet Milk and Chamomile Flower Facial Exfoliate 8 Oz.

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Try Farmaestheticså¨ Sweet Milk and Chamomile Flower Facial Exfoliate for an all-natural exfoliating treatment perfect for all skin types, ages, and conditions, especially those with sensitive skin. Soften and brighten complexions with this mild exfoliate with lactic acid, and combine it with the Fine Herbal Cleanser to create a creamy, fragrant lather that is easily applied to remove tired skin cells. Clients can use this exfoliate as a weekly mask or a daily cleanser. 8 oz. jar.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural lactic acid in dried sweet milk combined with fine cornmeal and crushed lavender buds provides a gentle exfoliate for the face and d̩collet̩
  • Mix with the Fine Herbal Cleanser and apply in circular motion to face and neck and leave on for as little as 3 minutes to see immediate visible benefits
  • Use while bathing and when it‰۪s time to remove exfoliate from face, splash clean, and then gently slip shoulders beneath water, allowing the sweet milk mixture to become a skin-brightening milk bath
  • ?For a milder exfoliate, we recommend the Sweet Milk and Chamomile Flower Exfoliate. Great for sensitive skin.
  • For a more aggressive exfoliation. we recommend the Sweet Milk and Orange Peel Exfoliate. Great for oilier complexions.
  • Usage

    Gentle enough to use in daily cleansing or apply weekly as a ""mask"" to further the effects of the milk's natural lactic acid to soften, brighten, and revive the complexion. NOTE: Lactose-intolerant people can use Sweet Milk Exfoliates; however, those who have milk allergies should not.


    Ingredients: Dried Powdered Milk, Fine Yellow Cornmeal, and Finely Ground Herbs* (chamomile flowers*) (*= certified organic ingredients).