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Farmaesthetics Body Scrub / Yellow Cornmeal and Citrus 32 Oz.

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A lovely aesthetician in Birmingham, Alabama, who shared her age-old recipe for beautiful, healthy skin throughout the years (her own complexion glowed still at 80!) swears that the best exfoliating scrub she has ever known, store bought or not, is cornmeal. Used for centuries, the smooth, well-rounded cornmeal grain has been used to scrub away the dry, flaky outer layer of skin without using abrasives that can tear and irritate sensitive skin. Gentle and available organically, mix the Scrub with any of the Sweet Soy Oils or Remedy Oils to activate the whole organic herb to bring health and beauty benefits to the body through an external herbal ‰ÛÏpoultice‰۝ application. Cost of Cornmeal Scrub Per 1-2 oz. Treatment: Approximately $1.00 Cost of Cornmeal Scrub and Sweet Soy Oil Per 1 oz. Treatment: Approximately $2.20

Features and Benefits

  • Stimulating to the lymph system, strengthening the whole system.
  • Increases circulation.
  • Invigorate the whole system.
  • Buffs the body to a smooth polished glow.
  • Introduces properties of herbs and flowers to impart powerful herbal benefits of specific plants to target conditions.
  • Herbs and flowers release properties at various times, while exfoliating, infusing the experience with texture and fragrance.
  • Usage

  • Scrub to remove rough skin of heels and feet during pedicure
  • Effective for softening and brightening skin on hands, arms and elbows
  • Body buff will restore a healthy glow
  • Support detoxification process
  • Ingredients

    yellow cornmeal, herb or flower*, essential oil- steeped- sea salt (added for natural preservation). (certified organic ingredients*)