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Facial Steamer with Ozone & Stand

SKU: ZN1083

$187.50 $375.00

Condition: Returned / Like New.

Silent Operation & Immediate Hot Water Refill

The Ion Facial Steamer with Ozone automatically powers off when the water level is low and allow you to add water during use (do not use ice/cold water).  It features immediate hot water refill and silent operation–no beeps, ticks, or dings. With a water capacity of 700 mL, it provides uninterrupted service. Its metal cover on the housing provides durability.

Customize facials with your favorite scent by using an aroma steamer strip!  


Automatically powers off when water level is low
Immediate hot water refill
No ticking, dings or beeps–silent operation



Dimensions: 55" H x 28" W; Steamer arm length is 23"
Electrical: 110V; 60Hz, 650W