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dpl IIa Acne Treatment & Wrinkle Reduction Light Therapy Panel

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3 Treatment Settings in 1 Device!

This reVive dpl light therapy panel uses infrared light for 3 powerful treatment settings: anti-aging, acne, or both. Use it on the entire face, neck, chest, hands, legs, back, and decollete. Excellent for treatment enhancements or as retail. FDA-cleared for full-face. OTC Class II medical device. Includes a velvety storage bag for protection and travel. Each panel is 5" x 7" (x 2 expanded).

Setting 1: Anti-Aging

Minimizes look of wrinkles and fine lines
Reduces the appearance of smile and frown lines
Enhances skin tone

Setting 2: Acne Treatment

Reaches deep where bacteria live
Purifies complexions
May reduce future acne flare-ups
Calms acne redness and inflammation

Setting 3: Both Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment—Ultimate Time Saver!



Retail or professional use
3 settings in one device
Targets acneic and aging skin
Can use on multiple areas of the body


Certifications: FDA, CE