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Daylight Table Magnifying Lamp

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Great for nail art and design! This lamp is small, so it’s easy to place on a manicure table for manicure services that require additional lighting or magnification for precision nail applications. Naturalight™ lamps last up to 10 times as longer than ordinary bulbs and produce a full spectrum light that reduces glare and eye-strain, making close-up tasks easier. This small magnifying lamp will become your best partner for detail work. The combination of the 12w Full Spectrum Naturalight™ tube and the 3.5” 1.75X lens with 1” 4X Lens will allow you to see details like never before. No more squinting. No more headaches. Features: - Energy saving 12W Naturalight™ tube - Lens Cover - Height: 35cm (14 inches) - Weight: 2kg (4½ lbs) - Lens diameter: 9cm (3½ inches) - Lens magnification: 1.75x - Inset lens diameter: 2cm (1 inches) - Inset lens magnification: 4x - Light: 12W (60W) Naturalight™ Replacement bulb available (C1463)


Dimensions: 14"H, 3.5" Lens diameter, 1" Inset Lens Diameter
Electrical: 120V, 60Hz, 12 Watt Circular Lamp
Suggested Outlet: Adjacent to Unit
Warranty: 1 Year
Certifications: UL, CE
Installed By: Universal (if setup is included with order) or Client