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Couleur Caramel Foundation Brush N°4

SKU: CC1112

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Make retail customers’ makeup application easy and fun with professional brushes. Couleur Caramel® Foundation Brush No. 4 is ideal for applying final touches for a flawless makeup finish. Suitable for liquid and cream textured products, a rounded shape makes it perfect for working foundation onto the entire face and for finer detailing around imperfections and eye contours. Synthetic foam nylon bristles and rounded bamboo handle.

Purpose and Benefits

For a natural foundation effect, place a small amount of Hydra Jeunesse in the palm of the hand and use gentle sweeping motions to blend from the center of the face to the hairline.
Synthetic Hair (Nylon) and an ergonomic rounded bamboo handle for easy use and application. The Caramel Color brushes are made with the most noble and high-performance materials. They will allow you an easy and enjoyable application.