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Couleur Caramel Empty M Multipurpose Box Tester

$4.19 $11.70


Help retail customers create a palette of colors that reflects their taste and the occasion! Couleur Caramel® Medium Multipurpose Box Tester is an empty, reusable case that holds 4 eye shadows, 2 compacted powders (compact powder, blush, or bronzer), or 2 eye shadows and 1 compacted powder. Magnetic metal bars keep powders in place. This box also contains a large built-in mirror and 2 dual-tipped blending brushes. Dimensions with cover: 6.89" L x 2.95" W x 0.67" H

Purpose and Benefits

Remove shadows, blushes, or compact powder from original packaging and place them in the box!
Secures cosmetics with a sturdy magnet closure. Case also contains a mirror and allows you to carry your cosmetics interchanging them according to your desires!