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Cailyn Makeup Master Blender, Face


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Help retail customers take their beauty game to the next level with Cailyn® Makeup Master Blender-Concealer. This versatile tool blends, blurs, buffs, corrects, conceals, and contours makeup to achieve any look—flawlessly! Plus, the face remains fingers-free, resulting in less bacteria transfer and fewer breakouts. Latex-free foam won’t absorb makeup, resulting in less product usage and waste. A makeup bag must-have, the Makeup Master Blender-Concealer may be used wet or dry and is completely reusable.

Purpose and Benefits

Wet desired piece of Makeup Master Blender-Concealer dip into desired foundation or makeup product, and lightly tap or “bounce” product onto skin until desired effect is achieved. When finished, wash blender with warm, soapy water, rinse, and let air dry. Foam will regain its original shape when completely dried. The Makeup Master blender-concealer is a makeup bag must! Plus, face remains fingers-free, resulting in less breakouts and bacteria transfer. The cell structures in the foam don’t absorb makeup, so you get more product usage and less waste. The Makeup Master blender-concealer is completely re-usable and non-disposable, helping to save time, money, and face!