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Clean, Convenient Way to Store Masks

This silver ion infused carrying case is designed to store 2 bt-smartmasks and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. It can also be used to store the bt-analyze after sanitation and cleaning. Additionally, it's the perfect size for carrying makeup brushes or personal items to keep them clean and protected. Made of silicone. Dimensions: 5.23” (133mm) w x 5” (127mm) h x 1.5” (38mm) 

*bt-smartmasks sold separately

Features & Benefits

Silver ion infused silicone offers antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
Fitted with a heavy duty, easy-to-use nylon zipper
Stores up to 2 bt-smartmasks with enough space for a small bottle of hand sanitizer
Compact size perfect for a purse, backpack, briefcase, or car compartment
A safe and handy solution for storing other items in a clean and sanitary environment