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Belava Sorbet Trio Pedicure Bowl, White

$193.70 $297.00

Elegant Glitter Pedicure Bowl with pedicure tub and 20 disposable pedicure liners for hygienic foot soaking in Sparkling White. 

It is generous in size yet light-weight, the Glitter Pedicure Bowls are perfect for a mobile pedicure. Pair it with Belava Free-Standing Foot Rest for pedicure services on the go. Each Pedicure Bowl includes a Belava Pedicure Tub insert for a simple method to soak for your convenience. 

Pedicure Disposable Liners protect your client from unsanitary sessions and make your cleanup much easier.

Approximately 4 lbs17" OD x 7" H

Ample room to fits size 13 men shoes

Note: Glitter Pedicure Bowl has no heat or vibration functions