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Belava Pedicure Foot Massager & Heater with Tub Navy

$148.50 $300.00

Pampering your clients shouldn't be encumbered with constant, time-consuming cleaning measures. This Heater/Massager allows your clients to indulge in a warm, relaxing pedicure tub while offering you a safe, simple cleaning solution: disposable, easy to store liners. The liners are pre-fitted, durable yet lightweight, and they present a sanitary choice for your client. The platform can be used as a dry heated foot massager. ETL Listed and Made in the USA. Multiple features of this Heater/Massager include the following: -Three heat settings -Three vibration settings: low, high, and power massage. -Combination heat and vibration, or use heat or vibration separately. -Attractive modern design. -The heater keeps the water warm during tub use. -Touchpad controls. -No scrubbing, no cleaning, no chemicals. Minimize your work and maximize your client's safety by adding this Heater/Massager to your pedicures. Just like the pedicure tub, the heater/massager unit fits most foot sizes comfortably (up to a men's size 13). The unit includes 5 liners. 100ct Refill liners Item # C1532.