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American International Roll-On Waxing System 220V

SKU: N1343

$97.50 $150.00

This Waxing Spa Full Service Kit in 220 Volt is a fully comprehensive kit that contains everything needed to provide roll-on waxing services with the waxing spa warmer, wax cartridges, pre and post treatments, roller heads and waxing strips. This kit is perfect for the professional esthetician. Waxing Spa Warmer - Accommodates 3 large, 1 medium and 2 small waxes - The compartment at the back of the unit allows two extra applicators to heat up to 110°F (43°c), allowing a quicker heat up time when placed into the heater unit. - Five-sided heater plates allow for even heating. - Cleanliness and economy are increased by the curved heater plates over the top of the roller head so that the door may be left open during treatments. - Slim design takes up very little counter space Roller Heads - Innovative roller heads face the heater plate and contain a metal core which maintains the heat which extends waxing time. Thermo Sleeve - Accommodates the large applicator to retain heat longer - The combination of the heated roller heads and the thermo sleeve allows for longer wax periods without returning the applicator to the machine.

Kit Includes:

- Waxing Spa Warmer
- 3 Pack of Each: Large, Medium and Small Original Wax Refill
- 3 Pack of Each: Large, Medium and Small Sensitive Wax Refill
- 3 Pack of Large (Leg) Roller Heads
- 1 Medium (Bikini) Roller Head
- 1 Small (Face) Roller Head
- 1 Fine (Face) Roller Head
- 50 Each: Large, Medium and Small Waxing Strips
- 16 oz. Cleanse Pre-Wax Cleanser
- 16 oz. Remove Post-Wax Remover
- 16 oz. Soothe Aloe Vera Gel
- 16 oz. Restore Shea Butter Lotion
- Thermo Sleeve
- Educational DVD - Instruction Booklet