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Ampoule / DNA

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DNA is a nucleic acid that can replicate itself, creating new copies of itself. This advanced preparation contains water-soluble DNA which forms a protein film on the contour of skin, acting as a ""second skin"" to guard against the stresses of environment without impeding the natural transpiration process. Ionizable. pH: 6.5

Information concerning DNA: It is a purified extract from marine source, made of nucleotide fragments of DNA and said to stimulate keratinocytes growth and increase vitality and cell protection of fibroblast cultures. In-vivo evaluations on 20 volunteers show significant increases of skin moisture, high and significant increase of biological elasticity, increasing cutaneous thickness, and improved wrinkle profile. This product contains 3% hydrolyzed DNA.


Water, Sodium DNA, Balm of Gilead Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

Purpose and Benefits

For dry, mature, sensitive, environmentally damaged skin.

Apply to face and neck on clean skin. Gently massage into skin until absorbed.

Using galvanic current: Apply ampoule to face and proceed to ionize 5 minutes on negative and 5 minutes on positive. Follow with masque according to skin type.
Contains the following key Ingredients (and their known benefits):
- Hydrolyzed DNA - Deeply hydrating, increases moisture levels
- Hydrolyzed RNA - Deeply hydrating, increases moisture levels