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Amber Massage Lotion

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Amber's massage lotion is a very versatile massage product, offering a unique blend of oils and emollients. It adds friction without sacrificing absorption and blends very well with a variety of essential oils. Amber‰۪s massage lotions offer less glide for deeper-tissue massage, but without leaving the skin greasy. They contain a base of sunflower, soybean, and almond oils, which blends well with essential oils. This non-greasy formulation offers less drag for more intense manipulations.

Purpose and Benefits

1.Warm product.
2.Apply warmed Amber Massage Product to the clients‰۪ treatment area.
3.Using your technique of choice, massage the product until absorbed into the skin.
With a unique blend of oils and emollients, the Amber Massage lotion is the most versatile massage product offered. The lotion adds friction, but does not sacrifice absorption. Amber Massage Lotion offers less glide for a deeper tissue massage, but does not leave the skin feeling greasy.

Product Class PAR00337