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Amber Classic Depilatory Wax

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The Classic Amber Wax continues to earn its long held reputation as the finest available for purity and quality. It is a pure, soft, natural resin depilatory wax uniquely formulated for ease of application. This is a soft resin wax that is formulated to spread thinly and easily, this all-purpose wax is very economical for large body parts and speed waxing. Formulated with the very best pine resins available. Temperature: Medium-High.

Features and Benefits

- Ideal for speed waxing. - Formulated for ease of application. - Great for waxing large areas of the body. - Microwavable.


All-purpose strip wax that is ideal for speed waxing.


Active Ingredient: Gum Rosin, Triethylenoglycol Ester of Stabilized Gum Rosin, Vegetable Oil, D and C Red #6.